Si Carvell

Si Carvell is a Vinyl and Digital DJ based in Manchester that specialises in 1990s-2020s house music.

Si offers a freestyle genre of house mixing from a collection of over 12,000 vinyls that have been collected since the birth of house music or can provide a digital set from any house music era of any genre.

Si has been in the business since 1986 and during his career has played over a 1000 gigs from Acid House parties in the late 80ss to Festivals in 2020

Si spent 5 summers Living in Ibiza in the mid 90ss and has played alongside some of the greatest DJ's in the world at venues that include Es-Paradis.

Gigs and Residencies

Some of Si Carvell's gigs, residencies and events include Es Paradis, Clockwork Orange, Clockstock, Strictly Old Skool, OldSkool Ibiza, Devon Sessions, She's So Sexy, Drop the Beat, Bar M ( Manummission ), Bowlers, Hacketts, Boomtown and many many more- navigate above to notable gigs for more information.


Si Carvell teamed up with Mick Clarke aka MYK-E-C to produce an Ibiza themed event called SPANISH FLY which ran in the early 2000ss for two years.

Notable guest DJ's that played for Si and Mick included Jon Besant and Jane Angel.

Si produced an additonal themed night called BOMBAY PUSSY along with Jon Verde ( OC and Verde ) back in 1999.

The event was a one off and and featured vinyl only DJ's.

Music Production

"Destination Ibiza" was a track produced by Si Carvell and Lucius Lowe.

The Ibiza themed track featured the vocals of Vikki Waters ( Capella ) and the team of three toured Ibiza in 2015 as part of the promotion of the track.

In 2017 Si Carvell's funky house track "Thats cool thats Nice" featured on an E.P CD along with Sterling Void's "Alright"

Si has recently produced a re-work of Mary Davidson's Work-It that has been a very notable additon to Si's productions.

FM Radio

Si Carvell produced and presented an FM radio show in 2010-2012 called Decadance.

Although the show was an FM broadcast in the Lancashire and North Manchester area, Decadance had a worldwide audience via listen live links on the web and social media.

The show ran weekly for 3hrs at a time and was based around phone in's, requests, guest DJ's and the very best of house music from the 90ss


A Moment in Time

Playing 3 times a week at Es Paradis during the 90ss was one of the best times of my life even though i had to play Gene Kelly's "Singing in the Rain" over 100 times - Fiesta D'el Agua ! x

Si Carvell